We cater to our clients - customizing solutions specific to clients needs.

Our Difference

Why does CoCard International differ from many others in our field.

We take great pride in catering to our Clients.
The vast majority of merchant processing ISOs and agents view their needs as the primary reason for engaging with prospective clients. We here at CoCard International we believe this line of thinking is ultimately detrimental to a healthy business relationship. At CoCard International our Clients are considered with fairness and respect. Clients, We believe that how one perceives their role in a relationship has much to with how one behaves in a relationship. We understand that our Clients can exist without us, but we can not exist without our Clients. Our client relations is what drives the culture here at CoCard International.
Being profitable is important, but what's more important than your reputation? A requirement for employment with CoCard international is being able to demonstrate the Cocard philosophy of "Put The Client Before Profit


  1. Here at CoCard International our core practice and operating norm evolve around the belief that once you put the man together the world falls into place. We believe the greatest challenges that face us as a company is being smart, innovative, and relevant.

  2. Steadines:

    "It is better to have 100 Clients that are willing to each pay a penny than it is to have only one Client who pays one dollar, begrudgingly " - CoCard International.

Most processors and ISOs take your money then they're gone. Leaving you wondering "What did I get for the money I paid out". You just don't feel the value. We understand. When we set out to become a company we knew right away that we wanted to be the company that put a smile on face the faces of our Clients. We wanted to be worthy of mentioning to your friends, family, and the business community. We wanted to be a ray of sunshine within this industry. With CoCard you get a silent-partner. We are invested in the success of your business.

Some Of Our Valued Partners

Tailored Advice for a complex operating enviroment

CoCard International took the time to understand our situation, tailor their advice and solutions to our specific needs. As a business owner, our needs can be quite complex. Their strategies and advice was clearly articulated, putting my wife and I at ease.

Paul & Vicki Marsh,

Guidance towards A GREAT SOLUTION

They listened to what I wanted to achieve for my restaurant and employees. They guided me towards a solution that accomplished everything I wanted and saved me on average over $800 a month.

Kathy C

First Class Financial Advice

I needed a loan to put in a drive-thru at my restaurant. My bank denied me the loan, but CoCard International came through and traffic to my business has increased 21%, as a result (with shorter lines).

Peter Wilson

Enjoy the Fruits of quality advice

I have been highly impressed with CoCard International's fair and honest business transactions. Chris & Mark were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step which could have been delayed without quality advice. I began saving money right away once my POS was put in place.

Dr. Kevin Adams