NFC - (Near Field Communication)


(NFC) Near Field Communication

What is a NFC transaction?

More and more people are utilizing their phones and other electronic devices to make transactions... just look at ApplePay™.

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication.
NFC is a form of wireless communication that allows the flow of information between two devices. NFC-enabled devices act like smart cards, allowing users to perform transactions such as purchases, ticketing, and transit access control with just a touch of your device. The NFC-enabled device communicates with an external reader much like a traditional contactless smart card. This enables contactless payments and ticketing by NFC-enabled devices without changing existing infrastructure. What is special about a NFC transaction? Even though NFC transactions have been around for quite some time now, there are those who believe NFC capabilities in the electronic payment industry has been revolutionized through a tokenization process developed by Apple Pay™. In fact Apples Pay™ tokenization process has added levels security while maintaining the convenience factor of NFC transactions in ways never before seen in this industry. This is truly exciting to processors, merchants and consumers. ApplePay™ is revitalizing activity with merchants, and their customers. Consumers love it so much; it was rated as the number 1 reason Apple™ sold 10 million IPhone 6s in the first weekend they went on sale. How would accepting NFC transactions through CoCard International benefit your business?

  • Gives your business the ability to accept ApplePay™.
  • Speeds up your transaction time.
  • NFC acceptance puts your business on a level playing field with the "Big Box" companies already accepting ApplePay™.
  • ApplePay™ with its' biometrics (in the form of fingerprint authentication) and tokenization of NFC transactions will militate against merchant-end data breaches.

Why should you accept NFC?
Despite NFC usage not being new to the transaction world, broad acceptance and usage of NFC tansactions is new in the U.S. Therefore we here at CoCArd International understand the benfit of working through the NFC acceptance process with our clients. Our clients are exultant to find out just how painless, non-menacing, and beneficial the process of accepting NFC transactions actually is.

3 Steps:

  • Sign-up
    • We send the forms to e-sign. Once you've signed the forms
  • Shipping
    • CoCard International then ships the hardware and/or software to your door. All you do is -
  • Install The Equpment or Software
    • Take the equipment out of the box and plug it up.

It is literraly that easy, 1-2-3

NFC Video

NFC is safer, more convenient, and cool. People forget their wallets, but they don't forget their phones.

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