Account Monitoring

Why is account monitoring so important to your business.

Quarterly Account Analysis
Here at CCI, we monitor your account quarterly, to review patterns in transactions types. We understand that a number of variables come into play when pricing the transactions your business accepts from credit and debit cards, such as, whether or not the card transactions were made face-to-face, whether the card processed was a rewards card, or co-branded card, or a bank-issued card, etc. How your business was initially set-up to accept cards is another of many more factors. There are literally hundreds of potential factors that could come into play when determining the fees for card transactions... we're on the lookout for them.
We are committed to being a company that you would proud to do business with. We make sure that any product or service we offer come with a benefit to your business.

Economic Benefits
If your business is set up one way to accept card transactions and you're the primary mode of accepting card transactions is another, then that usually results in overspending and other inefficiencies that could potentially affect your customers. Bottom-line the more efficiently your account is structured the more you save because your business is accepting card transactions at a lower risk factor. Your primary processing mode can change depending on the type of cards your customer present as a pattern. Your business could very well be performing at optimal processing efficiency today but not the next month if the primary pattern in which cards are presented to your business change. The key to mitigating these potential risk factors is vigilant monitoring. We offer this service to all of the clients because we believe that efficiency allows for more business and greater profits.

Security Benefits
As you are probably aware, security of transactions is taking front-stage in the card and check industries. With security breaches being at an all-time historical high, where Mom-and-Pop operations are as vulnerable to malice as any multi-national conglomerate, monitoring your account to spot potential lapses in mandated security protocols could prove invaluable. We will look at your account to make sure that you have in place PCI DSS compliance, to make sure that you have the ability to run transactions with PIN verification when possible. We will make sure that you are able to accept chip and NFC payments.

Some Of Our Valued Partners

Tailored Advice for a complex operating enviroment

CoCard International took the time to understand our situation, tailor their advice and solutions to our specific needs. As a business owner, our needs can be quite complex. Their strategies and advice was clearly articulated, putting my wife and I at ease.

Paul & Vicki Marsh,

Guidance towards A GREAT SOLUTION

They listened to what I wanted to achieve for my restaurant and employees. They guided me towards a solution that accomplished everything I wanted and saved me on average over $800 a month.

Kathy C

First Class Financial Advice

I needed a loan to put in a drive-thru at my restaurant. My bank denied me the loan, but CoCard International came through and traffic to my business has increased 21%, as a result (with shorter lines).

Peter Wilson

Enjoy the Fruits of quality advice

I have been highly impressed with CoCard International's fair and honest business transactions. Chris & Mark were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step which could have been delayed without quality advice. I began saving money right away once my POS was put in place.

Dr. Kevin Adams